Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Winds of Change

Switched to WordPress

By Frater Bovious
9th Level Adept, THOOTR
I have been quite busy being laid off, going back to work, trying to mess with Google's Page Creator, since discontinued, then Google Sites which is not a blogging platform. I have tried in vain to recreate on online version of a my episodically printed news paper, The Global Exclaimer.

For various reasons I have simply not worked on this blog and really took it in a direction not really part of it's original purpose, which was to be an online edition of the print edition. For a lot of different reasons I have gone to Word Press for my blogging enjoyment. The address there is http://theglob.globalexclaimer.com which is really just a url redirect to http://globalexclaimer.wordpress.com

I am not sure what to do with this blog. I really like the title "The Glob Blog". As much as I really would like to keep doing a print version of The Glob, it really just isn't feasible, and in fact the last edition printed was like in 2005. Soooooooo -

I purchased globalexclaimer.com through Google, and now am trying to figure out how to wrest control of it from Google and use it as I see fit. It is probable that I will import this blog in some manner to that domain, and continue to have it as the official blog of The Glob. maybe.

Oh, and I have mapped this blog to http://globblog.globalexclaimer.com