Saturday, March 29, 2008

Nanny Nanny Boo Bobby

The Prescient Nature of The Glob Blog

By Frater Bovious
9th Level Adept, THOOTR
This post from 2004, has been vindicated: Surreal Dilemma

Now that a means for reprogramming skin cells into stem cells has been discovered, the ethical questions debated in the linked post appear to have been decided in the favor of The Glob Blog, and the linked post referenced therein. Ψ

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Bit of a Dilemma

Presidential pro-something

By Frater Bovious
9th Level Adept, THOOTR
I used to say that I didn't care what the President's position on abortion was, since it's not their job to write legislation. Yes, they do have to sign laws into being, and I do realize that they pick Supreme Court Justices and so do in fact have some impact on The Law. Congress however is the legislative branch. Congress writes laws and can override presidential vetoes, and even with the picking of Justices, Congress has to approve. If you want to have some direct impact on the laws of this land, you need to pay attention to your congressmen.

Consequently, I've never paid any attention to a presidential candidates' position on a topic that I actually care about. Is this wrong?

I am much more concerned about the President's core functions, i.e., Commander in Chief, Defender of the Constitution, and Receiver of Foreign Visitors. Somehow, I feel that if the President takes care of those things, the Laws can be dealt with by the entities entrusted to do so.

In fact, I would feel it irresponsible to vote for a lesser candidate who happens to share my position on abortion for the sole reason they share that position. And yet. Ψ

Sunday, March 23, 2008


Easter to you gringos

By guest blast from the past
San Juan de la Cruz

"Should've been dead on a Sunday morning...", goes a song by Creed.

The Spanish verb for "to believe" is creer. "I believe", in Spanish, is Creo. In Latin, Credo.

The word "creed" derives from the Latin: credo for I believe and credimus for we believe, at least according to Wikipedia. It is a formal statement of a belief.

Should've been dead on a Sunday morning. But not. Risen. Against all reason. Against all right to expect. The paschal mystery. Exodus. Passover. Sacrifice. Ransom. Freedom. New Life.

How to respond?
Enter into the mystery.
Contemplate Reality.