Saturday, March 22, 2008


Sometimes, you need some time

By Guest Blogger
Hans Delbrück, Scientist and Saint
When one is overwhelmed by life's events to the point of ennui, and not even Women of Ninja Warrior can capture one's interest, a backyard, a scotch, and a good cigar are just the thing.

OK, that's three things, but not really. Ψ


Buck said...

Not the first time three things become one (or one becomes three).

Was that Hans the other day? I recall “abnormal brains” rather than scientific and saintly ones but maybe he was in the head at the time. Sitting out back with whiskey and cigars was a fine thing in any case.

I think I had a taco made from ennui once, it was OK I guess

Frater Bovious said...

I knew you would know who Hans was, as well as the three in one thing.

I think Abby Normal will be a guest blogger in a week or so.