Friday, April 08, 2005

Me the Archangel

me the archangel
Originally uploaded by FraterBovious.
Frater Bovious IS the Archangel of SouthPark

Be concerned. Exhibit extreme consternation.



Buck said...

The term "smite" springs unbidden to my mind

~Jen~ said...

That is frikkin hilarious!

Buck said...

as the Archangel of SouthPark, are you the keeper of the gates of the Vatican? how can i comment on the transitional Pope? am i too stoopid, or do you want no comments?

Frater Bovious said...

Why can't you comment? You commented here. Is this some kind of zen koan?

Buck said...

I commented “here”, about something “there”. I didn’t expect “here” and “there” to be the same place, so i suppose there is a zen-like element to this (or do I use “zen-like” inappropriately as a label for an unexpected result?).

I digress…I commented “here”, counting on your comprehensive knowledge of your own blog territory to hear my small voice lost in the wilderness. I expected direction to “there”, imagine my surprise to find out I was “there” in the first place. Now I have to collect my thoughts all over again.

Buck said...

Regarding: “Why is the Pope a Rock Star? I have a theory…”. Well so do I!

“We have a new Pope…”

“Sayings of the Dalai Lama…”

“Good karma/Bad Karma”

“Confucius say…”

These are all a kind of “Spirituality Lite” - The warm fuzzy feeling that comes from thinking about someone or something that represents the sacred, the holy, the divine without investing in any actual spiritual development of your own.

Very popular (tastes great! Less filling!)

I am not being high-and-mighty. I speak from experience.