Saturday, March 12, 2005

Stress Relief

The Use of Recording Random Thoughts as a Front Line Defense to Stressors Elsewhere

By Mark Connolly
Editor, Dallas Bureau
I am curious to know if this is a random and particular to me, or common. When life is great, and lots of fun things are happening, I am not driven to write anything. When I have had bad jobs, or life sucked for whatever reason, I would scribble notes about the most random crap, and admire any small word smithing success.

I guess that is the root of the tortured artist mythos.

Not that all writing has to be a result of outwardly imposed stress. I wrote that novel in a month thing as a response to the self induced stress of committing to writing a novel in a month. It strikes me that stress can bring out the best in people.

At work, where our company has been sold, I have been too tired at the end of the day to write anything. Hence the long absence from the blogosphere. I didn't even log on for days at a time, and didn't read all my usual favorite blogs or anything. Work is still stressfull, but apparently I've passed some critical point because while I am still stressed at work, I now have the energy and the desire to spew out this crud. And read all my old friends (so to speak) people I don't really know but have communicated with or argued with. They are over there in the list of blogs.

It's been interesting to pick up threads of life again, and see where people are vs then, at least in terms of the blogosphere.

Which takes me to a random follow up to my last random post about Michael Jackson. What would the King Of Pop be like if he had used the science fiction novel Dune as his escape, instead of Peter Pan?

Would he have built a desert land/amusement park named Arrakis? Would he go out in public in a stilsuit? Would he have taken up knife fighting? Would he be more able to deal with the world, or would he be some kind of scary demigod wannabe?

Any thoughts from whoever reads this would probably be quite interesting. So, What Novel Should Michael Jackson have patterned his world view after???



Anonymous said...

How about "Sylk & ---"?

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