Friday, October 01, 2004

Quote a Blogger

This will be a sometime feature of The Glob. Aren't you lucky.
Also, he wants to give nuclear fuel to Iran to see if they would use it for peaceful purposes.


Why not just pass out grenades so we can shove them up our own asses? That would be quicker.

From the Queen

Debate Quick Hits

  • For the 2000 election, I felt that Gore had "won" the debate. Just purely from the "If I were judging a debate contest" viewpoint. To me it wasn't even close. But, public opinion seemed to find Bush more approachable, and Gore to be somewhat arrogant and even snippy. The 'sigh' seemed to hurt his image, making people wonder 'what kind of whiny baby is this?'
  • Last night it appeared a near draw to me, with Kerry looking more relaxed and possibly better prepared, and Bush sometimes looking like a deer caught in the headlights. However, I felt Bush had prepared good answers for some of the topics that Kerry was hoping would paint Bush in a bad light, specifically the issues of North Korea and 'walking away from treaties on the table.'
  • Where I thought Kerry did poorly (but which may not matter in the public eye) was in response to the question of what he would do with Iraq. He started by saying he had very specific things he would do, and he would list them for us. Then he talked about what he considered as mistakes Bush had made and ended with "I can do better." Which would be an 'F' in a debate, but probably played well to the public.
  • Kerry's biggest problem seems to be the 20 years in the Senate. 'SenateSpeak' requires you to say things that can be interpreted and re-interpreted as situations dictate. The problem with such a fluid view of what comes out of your mouth is that for the rest of us, it is easy to paint him as a flip-flopper. Glaring example last night: at one point he said Saddam was not a threat, at another he said he clearly was. You have to read the context of the answer to understand why it sounded fine either way. But, it is so easy to pull the soundbite that says "OK, which one is it?"
  • Bush doesn't speak SenateSpeak. This may hurt him, but I don't think so. When asked if he thought the lives being spent were 'worth it' he ultimately said "yes." SenateSpeak would not allow you to lay down a point that you can't retract. Bush doesn't care. If you disagree with him, vote him out. When asked about N. Korea, he simply stated that what he did was the right thing to do given the circumstances, and he was unapologetic. Kerry could only imply that he would have, again, convened some sort of coalition of some unnamed countries that are somehow more 'coalitionesque' than whoever Bush is dealing with, i.e., China.
  • The candidates' concepts of what a coalition consists of, are instructional. Bush says we have 30 nations involved, and we do have a coalition. Kerry says we don't have a coalition, or if we do, it is at best nominal and coerced and bribed. Apparently a Francophile, Kerry appears to feel that any coalition without France's support is illegitimate. That will not play well on the world stage, and Kerry may think he can bring people to the table, but that may be wishful thinking on his part. Kerry displays a certain naivete regarding what he can do on the world stage. As a senator, you may dabble in foreign policy, and your grand diversions with world leaders may seem successful, but in reality, you have no actionable clout; your only value is in how you may be curried for favorable votes in the senate. I think Kerry is over-impressed with himself in this area.
  • I am still left unclear on what Kerry will do about Iraq. If he was supposed to make that clear last night, he failed, notwithstanding his stentorian pronouncements that he will do better. He also made an odd statement regarding Bush's question of "how are you going to pay for all that" implying that it could all be paid for with the "tax cuts for the top 1%". That is an amazing statement, given that his programs have no budget attached at present. Anyone that thinks the 'tax cut for the top 1%' represents enough dollars to fund what Kerry was talking about is basically clueless. So, I'm left with, what is he planning to do, and how does he plan to pay for it?
  • Having said all that, I'd have to say Kerry came across well. I thought Bush could have done better. But I'm talking about style over substance. In the substance over style arena, Bush has an advantage simply because he can talk about what he has done. And he can talk about things that are being done, or being planned; Kerry only has a wish list at this stage. And when he says Bush is in the wrong place, etc., when what Kerry actually voted for and supported is in the public record, he is left with trying to state that if he were in Bush's position he would have done things differently. That is the problem with SenateSpeak.
  • And Kerry may have done things differently. He states that he believes in a global consortium, a consortium which apparently has no gravitas without the French. And he seems to believe strongly in the UN. But today, when many are questioning the relevancy of the UN and the oil for food scandal is in the light, his willingness to subject our country to the whim of the UN may not play well.
It will be interesting to see how the domestic debates come across. I have a gut feel that the Bush camp is spending more time on the domestic front, since that is where Bush 41 lost the election. And, the reality is that Bush's domestic agenda is surprisingly forward thinking and supportive of minorities and 'the common man'. We'll have to see how it plays out, and see what the polls are saying a week from now.


Thursday, September 30, 2004

Vote With Your Stomach!

Gallup accused of 'cooking the books' by impartial non-profit non-biased

Those damn Gallup Polls run by that damn, Christian, Damn George Gallup.

"Damn It!" says MoveOn. "Just, Damn it."

The Glob asks, in response: What can be more important to the American People than basic needs such as comfort food? How better to gauge the President's true potential for making America better? Of course, by determining which 1st Lady has the greatest Mom potential! So, the highly scientific method below (unlike Gallup's faith based healing approach to polling) will clearly determine the most tasty candidate.

Make both recipes. Take them to work. Register how your co-workers really feel. At least this poll will be unbiased.

Family Circle Food Recipes The 2004 Family Circle Cookie Cook Off

Mmmmm Mmmmm. Taste Victory!!


Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Gender Bender

Does anyone agree with me that Michael Jackson is probably the ugliest woman on the planet?

Just wondering.

Bias Ply Media Hits the Ditch

By Mark Connolly
Editor, Dallas Bureau

Today's quote ripped from the internet:

If you use the bias type tires and like them, Great ! Just remember to move the car periodically to avoid the annoying flat spot pounding when you go down the road..............Bias belted tires will take a "set" if the weight is kept in one spot for any length of time. (Italics added by The Glob) Source

Ever ask anyone for their opinion on something, and get some mushy non-committal response? "Hey, Bob, whaddya feel like for lunch?" "Oh, whatever." "No, but, really, what do you want?" "Doesn't matter."

Or, "Hey honey, do you like sage or sea foam for the ceiling in the living room?" "Huh?, aren't they both green? Just pick one!"

Sometimes you want an opinion. You may not go with it, but you want one.

Other times you want some kind of fact, like, "What is the address to the hotel?"

Sometimes you want both. "Which hotel do you recommend, and where is it?" Or, "Do you recommend the flat or the glossy in the sea foam? Why?"

And then there is journalism. Sometimes opinions are easily spotted. "This movie is a snoozefest filled with the most strident attempt at relevancy I've ever seen."

Sometimes there are facts. "We had 3 inches of rainfall yesterday."

And sometimes what looks like a perfectly good tire has a flat spot that causes the driver to loose control of the vehicle. Bumped Story


Monday, September 27, 2004

Science Explains Things

It all seems so clear to me now.