Saturday, November 06, 2004

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This will be a sometime feature of The Glob. Aren't you lucky.

Regarding the trumpeted FACT that the NASTY Republicans only won because of the non-reality based method of herding the STUPID Republicans into voting by SCARING them with the issue of Same Sex Marriage:

Do I have have any other offerings of proof? Sure. The measures passed in many states by margins larger than Bush won. In Michigan, for example, the measure passed with 60% of the vote. Bush lost Michigan and Kerry won it with 51%. That means that Kerry voters HAD TO HAVE VOTED FOR THE AMENDMENT.

From The Queen

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Anonymous said...

I actually have the stats and have been meaning to put them in a post:
45% of registered Democrats voted for the Amendments
60% of the newly registered Democrats
60% of African American Democrats

The DNC needs to go back to the drawing board!