Friday, November 19, 2004

Quick Hits

1. Enough with the Monday Night Football intro already!! As conservative as I am, I have to say “big freaking deal!” I am quite certain that our country’s morals aren’t going to go down the toilet over this incident. In fact, two weeks from now, we will all be griping about something else.

What we should be complaining about is that the idiots in Arlington, Texas voted to spend shit-loads of money to build a rich-man’s palace for the Dallas Cowboys. They should send some of the money to Nicolette Sheridan so she could afford some clothes! Maybe a box of rubbers would be more appropriate.

2. Another stupid lawsuit. A man in a Lexus SUV doesn’t see his two year old daughter behind him and accidentally kills her when he backs out. What does he do? He files a lawsuit against Lexus. Why? Because the vehicle was too big. Two suggestions for this guy – a) try looking behind you before you back out and b) by a Mini Cooper!

I am deeply saddened by the fact that he lost his daughter, especially by his own doing, but IT IS NOT THE FAULT OF THE CAR MANUFACTURER!!! This case should be thrown out and he should have to pay the attorney’s fees for LEXUS!

3. The election was over two and a half weeks ago and still the world hasn’t collapsed as some have predicted. Hmm… interesting. Maybe the sky isn’t falling after all?

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Kat said...

Ummm...everything you said: Ditto! LOL

Seriously, there are something I just don't get with people. I still don't get the lady who spilled hot coffee in her lap (I know I'm over simplifying) and then tried to sue the crud out of the company.

My other favorite is the continuation of the "religious right". I want to know where these people are. I want to see them with my own eyes. I live in a suburbe that has one street that is full of churches. Six of different variety, including a Korean Christian church.

Surprisingly, I know many people in this neighborhood. I shop here. I eat here. Not one of them would I refer to as a "Christian Fundamentalist". Or some hell bent crusader trying to save somebody's soul. They are almost all solely concerned with their own personal faith and do not go around trying to shove it and their ideas down people's throats in the way that these pundits at handwringers seem to think.

But, funny enough, we live an a very low crime neighborhood. Imagine that. And, gasp, my neighbors on the left are a very nice, christian BLACK family and two doors down they are Jewish and right around the corner, holy carumba, a gay couple. And we haven't had a lynching, cross burning or forced baptism in at least a decade. :P

Anyway, what really bothers me about it is the term "Fundamentalist". I know what it means in definition from a dictionary, but I also know exactly what these folks are implying when they use that word because that is exactly the word they tie with "Islamic" when they are talking about the violent extremist.

Can I tell you that it makes me angry, not from the view of a "Christian" (because I am very secular when it comes to religion), but because they paint with a brush about three thousand miles wide. And I just completely dislike people like that.

I love the post election "and the world hasn't fallen apart yet". LOL That about sums it up after all the wailing and teeth nashing. You'd think that all the Bush voters were a stones throw away from enacting Kristalnacht and interning all of our Islamic immigrants and sending our fruitcakes to concentration camps.

So much hyperbole and not enought water pressure to flush it all.

Enjoyed the post.