Sunday, October 24, 2004

NaNoWriMo - The Gauntlet is Thrown

NaNoBlogMo - The Glob Editor takes up the Gauntlet

By Mark Connolly
Editor, Dallas Bureau
I have decided to enter the National Novel Writing Month challenge of writing 50,000 words of drivel during the month of November. And so, since all my creative fires shall be spent at The Forge of Novelty, there may be nought but a spark available for commentating here on The Glob. Until November 1, I shall continue to write something here, possibly daily; commentary and news stories, etc. After Nov 1, I leave it to my fellow Globsters, Uncle Buck, Daver the Raver, and possibly writings from our Interns, Paddy and Chip for the month of November. Mayhaps Madame Bovarie will add something unusual, and Tiffany, the Haikuiste. Or not, they are a fickle crew.

I shall be blogging all or parts of this event. I'm thinking I'll be writing in Word or something, then maybe post word counts and bits and pieces of what I wrote from each day. Or I may be posting the whole thing to the blog. As you can see, my plan of attack is as well developed as the plot and major characters -- hmmmmm

The blog is reachable by clicking on that little brownish button up there that kind of looks like a malformed humanoid. It is in fact the head of a screaming monkey, though that monkey's gene pool appears to be unclean. Or perhaps that monkey is simply of dubious parentage.

Which, a fuller representation of the Sign Of The Screaming Monkey's Head may be better appreciated by clicking on that link. You will see an artist's rendition of the Actual Sign (Yes, it exists). The artist is TeeVee Aguirre, and whenever he gets his web site up, I shall post a link to him that you may admire his handiwork.

So, wish me luck. I'll try to poke my head in from time to time during the month of November, but I shall be attempting to vomit up 2000 words per day. All that may remain for The Glob are pitiful dry heaves void of content.



Vaporchild said...

Brother, you go boy...

Kat said...

Well sir, good luck! I'm sure you'll do fine. Any idea what the topic might be?

Frater Bovious said...

Science Friction.

Anonymous said...

GOOD LUCK! Will we be privy to your creativity?

Frater Bovious said...

Good Question.

I had originally planned to post the entire thing on the Screaming Monkey's Head Blog. However, I read somewhere that if you were actually to write something worth publishing, there could be a problem if it has already been 'published' on the internet.

So, for the moment, I plan to post excerpts daily, along with word counts.

Thanks to all for the expression of support! We shall see what comes of this. fb