Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Kerry Caught Playing With Himself

Candidate Displays Flexibility; Ball Handling Ability


Kat said...

I'm a girl so I hope this doesn't sound too "sexist" but he throws worse than a girl (and I should know, when we play tag football at the family get togethers, I am always "full time" quarterback..LOL)

~Jen~ said...

Frater! This is FRIKKIN HILARIOUS!!!!!

Kat said...

My post at Jen's in response to this picture, caption:

"I have a plan for increasing healthcare, increasing the military, increasing insurance coverage, increasing aids benefits, increasing funding for stem cell research, increasing troops, increasing funding for schools, you name it, I've got a plan to increase it. And...I can pay for it too. Just give me a minute and I'll pull the money out of my ass."

And now that I posted it here, I'm going to put it on my blog. Gracias!

Friar Cook said...

Has anybody else noticed that he still has plenty of arm left, and can pat himself on the upper back? Double jointed buttocks perhaps?