Thursday, October 14, 2004

Daver's blood pressure goes up

Just a few debate quick hits -

I have heard John Kerry mention several times that "This President didn't fund this program... This President didn't fund that program..." Unless I am misinformed, The President needs Congressional approval of his budget. Did John Kerry forget that he is a Senator, and therefore was part of the approval process?

Last night he said that "The President made it illegal to..." Several times. I seem to recall from my studies that Congress makes the laws, that is why it is called the Legislative branch. It seems odd to me that Senator from Massachusetts conveniently skimmed over that fact.

How about the "This President has lost 1.6 million jobs" line again. What exactly has Bush done to lose those jobs? Case in point, my employer has let a lot of people go over the past calendar year, and there is nothing the President did to cause that. There is nothing the President could have done to change it, short of teaching our micro-managing COO how to let his people do their jobs. Of course, it might have helped if Bush made Wal-Mart illegal to give everyone else a fighting chance, but since the President doesn't work in the Legislative branch, I guess he could not have done that. Maybe he should have called William Jefferson Clinton to find out how Clinton "created" so many jobs?

I did like the President's line about Ted Kennedy is known as the Conservative Senator from Massachusetts. Funny.

I thought the President should have reciprocated John Kerry's gracious opening statements, but he didn't. Disappointing.

The debates did nothing to sway my vote one way or the other. About the only thing I learned is that neither candidate is a stand-up comic.

Finally, just once during the debates I would have liked to hear one of them say "This is my position because..." without mentioning what a scumbag their opponent is.


Frater Bovious said...

Maybe a stand up comic is what we need. We've had an actor from Legitimate Theatre (snif) who did pretty good.

Buck said...

I posted this on the “stem cell blog” but it seems to belong here as well…

Is this the inevitable result of the wish for simple solutions + technology (media) unchecked by morality?

History repeats itself

Poor_Statue said...

I think Kerry's omission is no different than the way Bush has painted Kerry's Senate record. Bush knows that senators vote on hundreds and thousands of bills and that these bills often contain a bunch of extras. As a result, you could take any senator's voting record and make it seem to prove anything you wanted about that senator. This is exactly what Bush has done.

It's also not much different than Bush's numbers on how many times Kerry has voted for higher taxes. Bush is counting multiple votes on the same bill to get his figure (never mind that by the same method, Kerry has voted twice as often to lower taxes.)

It's funny how we hold the candidate we oppose to a higher standard than the one we support.