Thursday, September 30, 2004

Vote With Your Stomach!

Gallup accused of 'cooking the books' by impartial non-profit non-biased

Those damn Gallup Polls run by that damn, Christian, Damn George Gallup.

"Damn It!" says MoveOn. "Just, Damn it."

The Glob asks, in response: What can be more important to the American People than basic needs such as comfort food? How better to gauge the President's true potential for making America better? Of course, by determining which 1st Lady has the greatest Mom potential! So, the highly scientific method below (unlike Gallup's faith based healing approach to polling) will clearly determine the most tasty candidate.

Make both recipes. Take them to work. Register how your co-workers really feel. At least this poll will be unbiased.

Family Circle Food Recipes The 2004 Family Circle Cookie Cook Off

Mmmmm Mmmmm. Taste Victory!!


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Anonymous said...

Talk about "trusting your guts". Love it!