Monday, September 20, 2004

Fundamental Extremism

Sing if You Have To

By Mark Connolly
Editor, Dallas Bureau

It has been said that in polite conversation one must never discuss religion or politics. This has been stated regarding family gatherings as well. Many probably have family anecdotes illustrating the wisdom of this advice.

But what if you are on the subway?

The subway, and similar environments such as elevators, are oddly impersonal arrangements wherein strangers, forced by circumstances to be in extreme proximity to each other, generally act as if they are the only ones in the conveyance.

However, even while maintaing the facade that there is no one else on board, most passengers don't act like they are home alone. Decorum requires, in general, no belching or farting. Generally, passengers have bathed.

Then there are the preachers.

St. Francis is reputed to have said "Preach the Gospel daily. Use words, if you have to." The subtlety of this concept is lost on most self styled Messengers of God.

The following link gives one lady's answer to this modern scourge. Kudos are in order for her unique method of dealing with this type of fundamental extremism. You will note in the attached that no cars were detonated.

Ladies Village Improvement Society



Anonymous said...

Great! Wish I could sing!!

riceburner147 said...

Hopefully we wont confuse a few deranged people in a NYC subway with sincere people of faith who have the decency to NEVER interrupt b4 the morning hit of caffeine. I like the quote by "San Francisco".