Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Bias Ply Media Hits the Ditch

By Mark Connolly
Editor, Dallas Bureau

Today's quote ripped from the internet:

If you use the bias type tires and like them, Great ! Just remember to move the car periodically to avoid the annoying flat spot pounding when you go down the road..............Bias belted tires will take a "set" if the weight is kept in one spot for any length of time. (Italics added by The Glob) Source

Ever ask anyone for their opinion on something, and get some mushy non-committal response? "Hey, Bob, whaddya feel like for lunch?" "Oh, whatever." "No, but, really, what do you want?" "Doesn't matter."

Or, "Hey honey, do you like sage or sea foam for the ceiling in the living room?" "Huh?, aren't they both green? Just pick one!"

Sometimes you want an opinion. You may not go with it, but you want one.

Other times you want some kind of fact, like, "What is the address to the hotel?"

Sometimes you want both. "Which hotel do you recommend, and where is it?" Or, "Do you recommend the flat or the glossy in the sea foam? Why?"

And then there is journalism. Sometimes opinions are easily spotted. "This movie is a snoozefest filled with the most strident attempt at relevancy I've ever seen."

Sometimes there are facts. "We had 3 inches of rainfall yesterday."

And sometimes what looks like a perfectly good tire has a flat spot that causes the driver to loose control of the vehicle. Bumped Story


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