Tuesday, August 03, 2004


Okay, I have an interesting question. At least interesting to me.

If most Vietnam vets smoked pot, then most of them probably did it because they liked how they felt when they were high. If smoking the pot (ganga, wacky weed, thaistick, sinsemilla, red hair) did not create a high, I deduce they would not have continued smoking pot. Keep following me here. Now, I am certain that you can only get high by smoking it yourself. However, you can either smoke it right, the way you do it to achieve the desired results, which is inhaling; or you can not inhale it and never get high, rather than waste your time smoking it for no reason.

Which brings me to my question. If 'nam vets got high, what are the odds Kerry did? And, did he inhale? Did he ever smoke a Cheech and Chong joint? Think of all the pot he can buy with Teresa's money? Wow, he can even sell it and gain revenues... tax free. Wait, I think I might be onto something. Maybe Bush's plan cuts into his ability to make money on the side selling dope to other countries... blowing his cover and making him broke and potless. Finally, another reason for this lifetime politician to run for President.

Did you ever hear the story about one of the band members from Pink Floyd who did a hit of acid and never came back down from his trip? I wonder if that is possible with pot? I wonder if that is Kerry's excuse for all his flip flopping? Yo dude, I forgot I voted for that.


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