Thursday, August 26, 2004

Illegal Immigrants

Some people can get to the core of an issue, and just lay it out there. Witness the link below which will take you to Maddox, a person that writes with no false modesty.

Oops! You're racist.

I connected to this site from the Xiaxue site (link on the right side over there somewhere, and no, it's not porn.) Someone, or her, came from Singapore to The Screaming Monkey's head blog which you can link to by clicking on the screaming monkey's head up there.

So I went looking at her site, and just let me tell you, there is a whole wild weird world out there.

This guy Maddox is right about immigrants and illegal immigrants, and his argument is unimpeachable.

Plus, it ties in nicely to a future article of mine on Walmart. (Waiting on double nought secretspy photos.)

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