Thursday, August 05, 2004

The Global Exclaimer Gone Wild!!

Most of staff on vacation on the coast of Texas

Riding in car: Frater Bovius, Madame Boverie, Froggy, and two more people yet to be determined.

Stowed in back of Global Exclaimer Suburban: beach wear, alcohol, fishing gear, food stuffs, travel humidor, Barista Espresso Machine for espresso and cappucinos.

Alcohol acoutrements: Bombay Sapphire Gin, Vermouth, Travel Martini glasses, martini shaker, blender, vodka, Mudslide mix, Pina Colada fixins, olives.

Contents of Humidor: Perdomo Cabinet Series S; JR Alternate Padrons; JR Alternate Monte Cristo #2s; Cuban Cohibas, Romeo y Julietas, Punch Grand Crus. Enough for three a day for the duration (though, being a man of moderate appetite, two a day is probable.)

Contents of beach house: Two grandmothers for cooking. 8 couples. 3 unattached children.

Daily agenda: Wake up at some point. Eat something. Recline on the beach. Drink and smoke and swim and fish. Eat at sporadic intervals. Nap. Sleep. Contemplate the serene majesty of ocean and sky. Recall Spanish saying: "How beautiful to do nothing and to rest after."

Alternate activities: Read, stroll on beach, turn over and bronze other side.

Side attractions: Cell phones inoperative. No house phone. No newspaper. TV will mysteriously fail for duration, unless someone really really needs to play Grand Theft Auto.

Posting to continue upon return.


~Jen~ said...

Ahhhh....The Gulf is such a lovely shade of murky this time of year.


Anonymous said...

Enjoy! I just returned from an Internet/News free vacation and I thought I would be in withdrawl --but it was devine! I do wish the thought of getting on a plane didn't throw me into a panic attack...I would love to visit Texas!