Sunday, August 22, 2004

Enough about the damn swift boats!

I may be alone here, but I am sick of hearing about John Kerry and the swift boats. Was he a hero, was he not? Did he save the guy, or did he not? Was there enemy fire, or was there not?

Big freaking deal!! I am much more concerned about what he did during the last 20 years in the US Congress. How about his voting record? Why doesn't anyone care about that? Want to find out his stance on issues? Look at how he voted or didn't vote.

How about the fact that he supposedly is attempting to get the publisher of Unfit to Command to pull the book, or trying to get bookstores to stop selling it? Hey John, ever hear of freedom of the press and a little document called the United States Constitution?

Imagine the public (media) reaction had President Bush tried to stop Michael Moore's interesting take on reality called Fahrenheit 9/11. I am sure that all hell would have broken loose.

What really happened? I don't know and neither do you. Only the men who were there know what truly happened. Sadly, we will never know for sure, as it appears that the Democratic veterans claim what Kerry says is true, while the Republican veterans have another story.

Let's move on and talk about something a little more relevant.

By the way, I saw a Kerry commercial where they claim that Kerry has a better plan for fighting terrorism. Does anybody know what it is? I would like to know.


Frater Bovious said...

As near as I can figure, his "plan" is to do it better than Bush did. Plus, since the only allies that matter in his world are Germany and France and Russia, his more sensitive approach on issues such as the safety and security of the USA will ensure that those three countries are as equally interested in our well being as we are, and will be willing to stand in the breach for us in our need. I think this will be accomplished by a hands across America type of singing of Kumbaya.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I think his plan is what Frater said: Do everything Bush did, but do it better... all while paying away the deficit -giving more funding to No Child Left Behind -providing free college for everyone -providing free health care for all - and increasing the spending for homeland security. I wonder if he realizes that he has promised all this!

leftyjones said...

Any plan would at least BE a plan, which is more than we've had for the last couple years. We're two years into Iraq and there still has been no administration plan for long term troop commitments, funding, transfer of military power, exiting the country, the terms that we could even begin talking about exiting, what defines "that our work is done"......
Nothing. We have nothing.

Daver said...

This is exactly what I am talking about. Bush critics scream that he has no plan and never did. I am not sure that is true or not. There may actually be some basis there, but I don't know since military plans and troop movements are not, and need not, be public knowledge.

However, Mr. Kerry claims to have a plan and hasn't really done much to back up that claim except to proclaim it. To quote Mr. Kerry himself "Saying you have a plan doesn't make it so."

Why isn't Mr. Kerry held to the same standards as President Bush? I know, I know, Bush is the President, he should be held to a higher standard, yada yada yada...

I just wish I saw more substance out of the good senator from Massachusetts.

Anonymous said...

This is Uncle Buck but I’m not at my regular computer and can’t figure out my passwork (one of those days I guess).

That said, Daver is reading my mail again. Even if anyone was interested in the truth, it can’t be gotten to. It was all a long time ago and now everyone has an axe to grind. It’s one piece of a puzzle that makes up “Mr. Kerry”. Just like all the other pieces that add up to what he’s been up to the last 30 years. Just like Bush. Actions (past and current) speak louder than words. People vote based on whatever, then presto: New President!

Here’s a thought…America gets the president it deserves. Our political leaders are just a reflection of what we are and what we want.

That’s all I’m gonna say about that

Madame Boverie said...

I am onboard with you all. First, I'll clearly state for the record that I am a republican. And Republicans, I feel, at least for the time being stand to benefit more from the swift boat ads about Kerry. If Kerry wants to use his service in Vietnam as his main platform and his great triumph in search of the Presidency, then so be it. Daver, I am with you about the Michael Moore comment, the effects on the general public are about the same and no one asked Kerry to denounce Moore or disassociate him, and in fact he was embraced sitting next to Carter (place of honor) at the DNC. However, I am growing tired of the negative banter from both sides and find myself wondering why they think I would even care about what happened in Vietnam before I was born.

This campaign is geared toward persuading the vote of the undecided independent. In the meantime decided voters will have to endure this dance. Argh! Please stop. At least talk about real issues. Both of you!

Bathus said...

I can certainly understand how, from the perspective of post-baby-boomers, nothing could seem more boring or irrelevant than re-fighting the Vietnam war. On the other hand, with the possible exception of the (various) civil rights movements, nothing since WWII has had a greater effect in shaping the current political landscape. The two major political parties, especially with regard to foreign policy, are what they are right now largely because of what this country went through during Vietnam. Until that trauma is somehow dealt with, our foreign policy will remain dangerously unsettled. Does the Kerry-SwiftVets controversy present the nation an opportunity finally to exorcise those demons? I doubt it. Instead it will probably only deepen the animosities. But for that I blame Kerry, because he's the one who re-opened the can or worms.

(Pardon all multiply mixed metaphors--it's late, I'm tired.)

I did a post on my blog today on this topic: