Sunday, July 18, 2004

Stepford Politicians

Mind Control

By Mark Connolly
Editor, Dallas Bureau

A plan has been in the works for years. Spawned in the creative minds of a desperate Democratic Party during the Reagan/Bush years, and appealing to unholy powers while tinkering with knowledge beyond our ken, It now comes to fruition.

This is mind control; control of the minds of the populace, and control of the minds of the politicians. This is not the Manchurian Candidate, though that could be the inspiration. No, it is Stepford Politician. To what end is not clear yet. Perhaps, just THE end.

The first signs were evident during Bill Clinton's initial campaign for president. When he was giving speeches and really trying to seem earnest, he would punctuate his speeches with a kind of affected "thumbs up" gesture. I know you've seen it. Fist extended with the thumb kind of poking up, almost like you might have a piece of paper pinched between your thumb and the side of the first phalange of your forefinger. Somewhere it was presented that he was doing this in imitation of General Eisenhower, from a famous photo taken during World War II. This picture was taken just prior to D-Day, and reportedly was captioned to the effect that Eisenhower was giving the troops a 'thumbs up'.

There is something comforting about the picture, and inspiring, especially taking into account how horrific D-Day turned out to be while still signaling the beginning of the end of German aggression.

The beginning of the thumb

Clinton deliberately used a gesture that psychologically instilled in the populace a feeling of trust and a belief in his competence. It was a calculated gesture, and it worked. What is funny/sad about this is something I saw on the History channel the other day. It was one of many specials marking the anniversary of D-Day, and it was from one of the survivors. He's apparently in that picture. Dwight, he says, was talking with the men about fly-fishing, and showing how you hold the rod.

The question in my mind is, how smart is Clinton anyway? Is he really that calculating, or does he take direction from some other source? No one knows for sure, though the rumors fly about Hillary's control. But I think it may be even more sinister, if not provable. I simply present the following photo taken by Russian Parapsychologist Investigators using special purpose built cameras.

The author of this diabolical plan

This is concerning because his calculated earnestness managed to land him the Presidency, not once, but twice. And that is appalling when you realize his real attitude towards the American People.

"Yeah, I got your American People right here..."

Clinton's alarming success could not be repeated by Gore, the first prototype Stepford politician. He simply had no emotion, and could not form a bond with the voters.

Vice President Al Gore

So, the next step was to simply build a viable Presidential candidate from scratch.

How it works
Take a politician, and strip him down to his constituent parts. Remove all sense of self respect and replace with unbridled ego. Excise any actual sense of compassion and fill the void with naked ambition. D&C the conscience and replace with a waffle iron. Perform a continuityectomy, and replace with expediency. This procedure also requires that a Jarvik 7 Memory Loss module be implanted to deal with any inconvenient recollection that might lead to a sense of shame. The result is a Whatever it Takes approach to getting elected, without the annoyance of scruples.

How it works

It is perhaps not surprising that the party of abortion and stem cell research is leading the way in the creation of "life" that will simply follow orders and appeal to the lowest common denominator without having any pesky traits like individual thought or a sense of right and wrong.

If you watch the physical behavior of any Democratic speaker, you will see this fly-fishing thumbs up gesture used during any speech where they begin to make up something that they want the populace to accept uncritically. It is a visible clue intended to set your mind at ease (or turn it off) while they spout something preposterous.

All kidding aside, if you do watch for this, you will see it over and over. Evidently they all have the same handler/speech coach. Or, it must be perceived as a gesture that works, and it has crept into their mannerisms in the same way that teen age kids imitate the words and actions of the current hot rap star. They don't know why they are doing it, they just do it because it is the thing to do. I've seen Kerry do it, and I've seen Edwards do it. It is used while stating things like "I will be a president that seeks to unite, rather than divide" or some other substanceless cotton candy of a sound bite.

I would really like to know what Kerry stands for. I've talked to some Kerry supporters. I've asked them what his plans are for dealing with terrorism. Not one of them has an articulable understanding of Kerry's plans. All I get is "Whatever it is, it will be better than Bush." These are reasonably intelligent people! I don't understand.

It must be the thumb. Ψ


Daver said...

You will notice that the Kerry supporters who can't tell you what he stands for are the same people who cannot tell you a single thing that made Clinton so great. Somehow, however, many of these unthinking people believe that Clinton is one of the greatest presidents we have ever had. Thnk people - think!

Antipentheus said...

I have several pictures of prominent Republicans giving the thumbs-up gesture.

There must be something wrong with your logic or gaps in your knowledge. It is interesting to notice the inference that the American people are so malleable that a thumbs-up gesture would be an enticement for them to vote a certain way.

Clinton did not accomplish much, by Republican standards. He shrunk the budget and created a surplus, he negotiated the best possible Palestinian solution (which Arafat stupidly refused), under him our economy had the greatest growth in history, he tried to take out Osama, he warned W about Osama as the #1 priority, etc. etc. Republican standards are much higher than that.

The unholy powers that the Republicans are in cahoots with are Greed and Power, virtues supposedly prominently espoused by their leading phalanx's inspiration, Jesus Christ (IMHO, what blasphemy).

Your description of the making of a candidate absolutely fits my view of the sitting president - show me how not. Interesting how we can have totally opposite views of the same event - Einstein was right about relativity. If anyone around here has a convenient lack of memory his initials are GWB and the documentation is voluminous (where not conveniently "destroyed" or missing). I will be happy to provide information for the uninformed.

For those who steadfastly hold to the thought of staying the current course, I beg that you look at what that course has already brought us, and that there is little if any hope that these policies will bring victory and safety to the American people and our form of government. Not to speak about the environment, education, fair taxation, good jobs.

You cannot neutralize a nest of wasps by whacking it with sticks - tell me that you are safer after whacking it just once. GWB has. And his Krazy Kooky Kadre of NeoKons plans on continuing the whacking.

What we need in this country and world is a change in direction, one which treats the causes and deals with the symptoms. As long as there are reasons for terrorists to arise, we will have terrorists. Kill a thousand terrorists and two thousand new ones will step forward because you killed a thousand. Tell me the folly in that logic. Tell me what this administration has done towards stabilizing the Israel-Palestinian conflict (the root of most Arab/Islamic terrorist causes), towards steering the country away from dependance on oil (our economy's opium).

Ah, but we need a f--g Constitutional Amendment to protect Kathy and Bubba's deteriorating marriage. Pardon my Cheneyism. And we need Macchiavellian anti-abortion laws that make women an inferior class. That's where our priorities need to be, not in providing needed and promised information to the bipartisan 9/11 Commission which he first opposed and then caved in, only if he himself could appoint the members. And then he showed the penultimate chickenness by only testifying if Papi Dick was at his side. The ultimate "leadership" was those seven minutes reading My Pet Goat while Americans were being butchered and he choked. That would only leave 38 minutes if it was a WMD attack 45 minutes away.

As to the substanceless cotton candy remark "I am a uniter not a divider," go back 4 years and see GWB invent that phrase during the campaign. And was it the truth? Are we united? You know this country is more divided that at any time since possibly the Civil War. The guy is a jerk and a puppet of the unfettered extreme capitalist corporate greed crowd - a group I don't think you belong to.

There are holes in every argument made in your post. My friend Mark, in this post the hot air of thy 4 stomachs doth stench in a most hole-y way. Perhaps these gases have a certain mind control over you. I pray the wind shifts between your mighty horns.

Frater Bovious said...

Wa-hoo! I think... I was wondering/hoping if/that someone would read one of these articles and reply in some manner. I guess the danger of putting stuff out there is getting a carefully written dismantling of what you wrote.

I will agree completely with you on this point:

"What we need in this country and world is a change in direction, one which treats the causes and deals with the symptoms. As long as there are reasons for terrorists to arise, we will have terrorists. Kill a thousand terrorists and two thousand new ones will step forward because you killed a thousand. Tell me the folly in that logic."

A question that I have asked, and have not received an answer that made any sense to me, is: what is the goal of these so called terrorists? I have heard many things, from "It's all about the oil" to "It's all about Religious Intolerance".

Like you say about the wasps, whacking them with a stick is not a thought out solution to a wasp problem, and the consequences can be worse than one might idly think. Possible thought out solutions range from Kill All The Wasps to Just Leave Them Alone and They'll Leave You Alone. I guess there are a lot of potentials inbetween.

I don't believe in genocide, or religicide, but I'm not entirely sure that we would even understand what Just Leaving the Muslims Alone actually means. Or if they would leave us alone regardless. The extremists I mean. What are they after?

The Bush program, as I understand it at this time, is to Kill All the Terrorists (or bring them to justice...) At least that is something that can be argued and the merits of which can be debated.

I still don't know what Kerry's plan is. If you can outline it, or direct me to some lucid link sans political posturing, I'd appreciate it.

I am missing the meaning of Antipentheus. Please enlighten me.

Thanks for responding. You gave me something to ruminate on.

Antipentheus said...

Thanks for the well-balanced and elegant repost. I apologize for perhaps coming off as partisan, but that's what I saw there already.

I know I have given a lot of thought to these issues and I strive to keep an open mind (a defining trait of a liberal). Being liberal does not automatically make you partisan, mind you. I support many ideas espoused by some Republicans.

But these days the party of the Right has really swerved too far, and is clearly controlled by large donors (corporations and the wealthy) and the born-again crowd (I don't want to call them Christians). And since I don't belong to either of those groups, and since they have an active agenda to change society to their subservience and norms, I want that to stop.

I'd like to continue to live in a free country where your liberty only stops where it conflicts with others'. That's a rather Republican notion, no? Actually, it is quintessentially American, the spirit that prevailed in 1776. One common value we can all agree on cherishing.

I'd also like to live in a land where the majority of people did not have to struggle just to get basic needs met. That would have a nice impact on the crime rate, and health costs too. There's plenty of wealth to go around and bring everyone to a level playing field, from which those individuals who strive for more still have all the opportunity to do so, with a minimum of government interference, as long as decency is respected. That's one of the positions I stand for. A good mixture of moderate socialism and moderate capitalism. A place from which all children can have confidence in their futures.

So, about the terrorists' goals. To me, the terrorists are of two kinds of people - those who have a burning cause, and criminals. The criminals are there to cause havoc and get money or power they can use locally.

The cause people can be further divided into the rabid zealots and the super frustrated.

The zealots have a primal drive to carry out acts that somehow further a religious or political idea. They want to harm America and what it stands for to them: materialism, hedonism, libertineism, in other words, bad culture in their minds. And since America is the most powerful country in cultural, economic and military, they are influencing the entire world. And that culture threatens their religious/political beliefs because they are tribal in thinking, and the tribe functions best when everyone agrees on mores. So there is no room for miscreants.

They don't see that everyone here is able to live their life in whatever -ism they want. Notice there is a large difference in the way Arabs and Muslims that live in this country regard America. Once they get here, they see that they are free to practice life as they want to, and that it is up to them, not society as a whole, to teach and foment those they want to convert, including their children. That is the unstoppable progress of the human race. But the terrorist zealots just want to wipe us off the face of the planet. Ignorance and blind faith. They use the same basis we currently use in our fight against them.

The super frustrated are more educated maybe middle class people who see the injustices being committed around them, and feel powerless to make changes except through violence. Their anger clouds their thinking and they do not think of the long-term consequences of their actions. They get caught up in the people's fever because it's the only game in town where they can express their frustration and get noticed internationally. It's a cry for help. And we're not hearing it. And they know that. So they have to cry louder, and make us cry too. That's what their goal is. This crowd can be worked with.

As I use "we" here, I mean the government's bully pulpit. What we need to do is engagement. We need to reject some political golden calves and publicly review our relations over the past few decades with the Arab and Muslim people. We need to affirm Israel's right to peacefully exist within reasonable borders, and settle the Palestinian issue. We need to start treating Arabs/Muslims equally. Hearing their side - agreeing when appropriate, chastising either side as warranted.

We need to educate Americans about the history of the conflict and accept responsibility for our mistakes. We need to make reasonable offers to settle the conflict - even if it means money (well spent). We need to insist on public education systems that provide a "liberal" world view, rather than religious dogma. We need to help them understand that this is the way it is in the 21st Century and that they need to jump on the bandwagon because it's the last train out of town. They need to learn to coexist, or conflict will always be a part of their lives. We could encourage their religious leaders to become more enlightened about how their beliefs can coexist with modern society.

You see, basically, America needs to lead by example. We were founded at the time of the great social revolutions, where idealistic society models were being discussed over evening meals. That's the glue that made the colonists come together. If we were to treat ourselves and other countries using the same principles such as fairness, innocence until proven guilt, tolerance, we would regain the respect we have lost with our arrogance.

I say we call Arafat and Sharon assholes publicly, and challenge their subjects to come up with better leadership. Centrist positions must prevail, so we need to educate both sides.

As to Kerry's plans, I am not sure. I know he has specific plans, but I have not paid attention to details because I know he comes from a position more like mine, and Bush certainly does not. I will vote for Kerry because we need to get rid of Bush/Cheney. For contrast, W did not have plans the entire time he has been president, except for repaying his donors through tax cuts and other helps.

I support the progressive movement within the Democratic party - the Dean/Kucinich wing - for their stands on social issues. I know this is far out for most Americans, but as a whole, compared to other leading countries, we are not that far to the Left. And I feel that there has to be a strong pull to the Left so the pendulum swings more to the middle right now. I don't see many of those grand ideas becoming law for a couple of generations, when it will be more natural for Americans to accept the rest of the world.

I'm glad you agree with me that we must treat the causes and deal with the symptoms. I don't see that happening right now - I see a lot of sabre-rattling and a hands-off approach to diplomacy when it should be exactly the opposite.

OK thanks to allowing Anti to be ranty. You can be so cud-dly.

Pentheus: Greek Mythology. "On account of his noble birth, Pentheus 1 was a powerful king, but also because of this he was an arrogant man of insolent and impious character." Much more fits...

Frater Bovious said...

My dear Antipentheus,

The eagle cannot fly without both wings healthy and flapping. While the tips of those wings move the greatest distance with each flap, the base of those wings provide the connectivity and the strength needed. While the tips are involved in course corrections, the middle of each wing provide the lift and stability.

It's a good system. Ψ