Friday, July 23, 2004

my secret

I have a theory is based on the assertion that “the stock market/economy does better under democratic presidents”. Now I don’t know if this is true, but it seems to be widely believed and reported (I’m struck by what I see as an apparent inconsistency in this belief!). None-the-less, for my purposes if it’s believed to be true, it’s the same effect as being true.

Take this to a logical conclusion…Republicans are about foreign policy and defending the nation and such. Worthy goals to be sure, but what about MY JOB? What about MY 401K? What about MY MUTUAL FUNDS? Do intangibles like national security mean anything if my standard of living has to suffer? With all the pretense and rhetoric stripped away these ideals sound greedier than republican ones (this is all weird backwards-land stuff).

Practical working folk can sign up for this. Forget about all the rest: Republican morality or Democratic social reform…who cares? All I care about is MY STUFF…which will fare better with a democratic prez in charge than the other. It is a solution unto itself, no plan or justification is needed beyond this simple cause-and-effect.

Keep in mind I’m not talking about what’s best, or the value of right-and-wrong. I’m just talking about ME. I think this shameful little secret is how the “left wing whackos” have taken over the voice of the Democratic party. In their own self-importance they don’t realize they don’t matter. What matters is that on Election Day millions of individuals quietly vote for themselves, and they don’t have to admit it. They can keep their mouths shut, or hide behind some smokescreen issue.

What stronger motivation to vote is there than a vote for yourself?


Antipentheus said...

Thank you Uncle Buck. Nice to see that kind of thinking expressed here.

From the Chicago Sun TImes, July 5: "The market generally fares better under Democrats than Republicans, but the differences seem to have diminished in recent years, according to a study by researchers at Northern Illinois University and the CFA Institute. Bonds typically perform best under Republicans, but that propensity also has become less noticeable, the researchers say."

I'll vote for Democrats these days because I want my country to be here tomorrow. Without my country, I'll have a real hard time finding out where's MY STUFF?

Frater Bovious said...

Unfortunately, it is too hard for people to think about the following facts: The President doesn't set the budget, Congress does. The President doesn't create and pass laws, Congress does. He simply signs them into effect.

No doubt that the Presidency is a "bully pulpit" and I understand he has the ability to sway folks. But, if people would actually get involved, they might find out that all politics is local, and actually make a difference.

I agree though that voting is motivated by the What's in it for me' camp. I just wish they had more foresight. And that they understood that foregin politics matters.

Club Raisins said...
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Buck said...

Since no one has blown big holes in this “ME” idea yet I’ll press on…

What does this say about Democrats, Republicans and Presidents? If the party machine is going full speed ahead with high sounding ideas and fiery rhetoric, but it comes down to people voting for “me” or not, is there hope for our democratic republic? Does it matter that in fact a vote for “my checkbook” may not be based on a rational response of the stock market?

What if none of it is true? What if by voting for “my stuff”, Democratic Presidents are elected but in fact that doesn’t influence the stock market? Now you’re stuck with an agenda you didn’t care about and no extra cash!

What about right and wrong, or good and evil? Are there principals more important than ME or MY STUFF? I would argue that this country was founded on the belief that some principals are more important than stuff. Many of signers of the Declaration on Independence were fairly well off, and they put it all on the line when they signed.

But that was then and the time is now. What about us? As a people, do we hold ideas above stuff, or above humanity itself? Is this what distinguishes us politically?

Frater Bovious said...

Uncle Buck, I've been waiting with tuna in my mouth (or is that with baited breath?) for your follow up to this idea.

It seems you are going somewhere with your thoughts. Please, the suspense is killing me.