Friday, July 30, 2004

I was michaelmoored!

Submitted for your approval: The introduction of a new verb into the common blogosphere vernacular.

To michaelmoore is much more than to simply take things out of context. To michaelmoore is to take someone's comments or story or post and create a fiction from that post and present it as fact attributed to that person.

Example post:

Such is life! First I went to my car and discovered I had a flat tire. Then I had to deal with the spare being flat. I called Triple A and some guy came out named Dick. Now, I know this is a version of Richard. But given the various other possible meanings for that name, I can't help but wonder why people name their kids that. One day at work we were processing a new hire. His social security card said "Richard Head." I looked at him and said, "You go by Richard, don't you." He sighed and said "Yes." I mentioned this story to the Triple A guy. He laughed and we had a pretty good conversation about names we give our children. What started as a bad day gave me a great idea for my next post!

Example post after being michaelmoored:

Elsewhere, Frater Bovious wrote: "Such(sic) my Dick."

See, the genius part of michaelmooring is the creation of an alternate "reality." The above is made more effective by the masterful addition of "(sic)." That parenthetical word, from the Latin for "Thus; so", is used when quoting someone else and indicates "...that a surprising or paradoxical word, phrase, or fact is not a mistake and is to be read as it stands..." However, over time, it has also been used to indicate when quoting misspelled words from the original, to prevent the impression that the person doing the quoting actually misspelled the word.

Of course, in my original post the word was not misspelled; therein lies the genius. Not only do I have my words completely misrepresented, I appear uncouth. I also look like I can't type and that I don't bother to spellcheck my posts. Yet, it can be factually stated that I wrote those words. Diabolical!

Whenever you have some faux reality twisted out of one or your posts, you can simply reply, "Whatever. I was michaelmoored. Here's the link to what I really said."

The potential uses for this new verb are limitless. Ψ

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~Jen~ said...

Absolutely hilarious.