Monday, July 12, 2004

Globbing from afar. Or Blogging. Whatever.

Interesting. I enabled being told when a person commented an article, and received these emails.

I confess I don't really know how all this works. It is sort of like a purpose built website, specifically for journaling or logging your thoughts on the web, or web logging, or blogging, you see.

I am sending this to you of course, but I will also cause it to appear as the latest post on the Glob Blog.

Meanwhile, what you wrote was supposedly posted but I don't know where. Daver wrote a self promoting comment congratulating the author of the cage match article, and that comment showed up.

Perhaps you can tell me what article you commented, or whatever. Meanwhile, this is not intended to replace the Global Exclaimer, but rather to be an adjunct to it. How that may work remains to be seen.

I've noticed also, that things seem to post slowly, which I'm sure is affected to some degree by the fact this blogspot is free.

Ciao dude.


>>> Uncle Buck <> 12-Jul-04 10:39:17 AM >>>
OK, i guess it worked.

i'm only here because of the similarity of GLOB and BLOG, which seems significant somehow. has this replaced the exclaimer? is this better than a website like that of the HUNT? do these things go on forever or do they end someday?

Posted by Uncle Buck to The Glob Blog at 7/12/2004 10:43:54 AM


Daver said...

I am highly offended about a reference to my supposed self-promoting comment. I was simply expressing appreciation for Jim Bob's fine work, although he does have a similar writing style as I.

Anonymous said...

you call that a style???


Frater Bovious said...

I was looking for The Hunt website via Google. Found this instead.

Rather interesting, eh?