Thursday, July 22, 2004

Daver Speaks About Carlos Delgado!

A brief thought about Carlos Delgado of the Toronto Blue Jays.  He has publicly stated that he is against our on-going war with Iraq and, as a result, he refuses to stand and be present when “God Bless America” is played during the seventh-inning stretch.  Many people are up-in-arms over his blatant anti-American attitude.
Big Freaking Deal!!
This is America and you have the right to protest if you wish.  Good for him!  He has an opinion, has made a public protest, and has not changed his mind because of some bad press.  How refreshing!  Maybe the Dems could learn from him.
Mainly, however, it is ridiculous that we care what Carlos Delgado does or thinks.  He’s a damn overpaid, overgrown kid playing a game for a living!  Maybe we should concentrate on keeping terrorists from attacking us again or maybe focus our attention on the upcoming election.  Hmmm…
That’s it for now – Daver out!

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