Saturday, July 24, 2004

Betsy Devine: Funny Ha-Ha or Funny Peculiar?

Syrian Bandwagon

I stumbled across this blog, and after wading through the "I blog for Kerry" button and the democrat symbol button, I read the above linked post.

I find myself agreeing with pretty much the whole article. A very refreshing and lucid post. I had emailed her (being new to this blogging thing) and asked her OK to link to this article. Here is her response:

Hi Mark--thanks, feel free to link. I agree we need more humane communication between people whose viewpoints
differ. Have fun blogging! I have some libertarian/conservative friends on my blogroll: Gary Farber, Chris Markum,
and Jay McCarthy. Me, I'm a build-up-the-social-safety-net kinda Democrat.

"Making trouble today for a better tomorrow."

So, I was inspired to create a list: Blogs I Have Known, and she's the first entry!


Frater Bovious said...

Or, maybe not... I created the blog list, seemed to be working fine, then clicked on it a bit ago and got this:

Sorry! There was an error: The attribute "allowDirectoryListings" must be true.

The error was detected by Frontier 9.0.1 in mainResponder.respond. Webmaster: Time: Sat, 24 Jul 2004 15:29:07 GMT.

I'm thinking that there is some sort of permission thing involved, and have asked her about it. Until then you can go direct to

leftyjones said...

Angry Right-Wing "Brown"....Dark Brown....Dirt Brown...whatever you'd like. Brunette seems like a weird thing to say for a guy...but hey, I'm comfortable in the skin I'm in. You decide.
How did you find us anyway?