Tuesday, July 13, 2004


Celebration Shuts down The Glob

By Mark Connolly
Editor, Dallas Bureau

The 5th Edition Gala Celebration was apparently conducted on an alternate plane of existence, as it resulted in the total shut down of The Global Exclaimer and all publishing. The lead story planned for this edition, originally scheduled for Aug/Sept of 2003 and once relevant, is not.

Most of the Aug/Sept edition was lost in the catastrophe. New equipment had to be purchased and the format of the paper recreated. Thankfully, Daver maintains his files in a mobious cube, and he is largely to thank for there being any paper at all this quickly. That and this blogging thing, since I went to Windows 2000, and for some reason the high tech features of my Deskjet 722C are unavailable in W2k (although they worked find in W98, like duplex printing for example.)

We forge on. I ask for letters and questions to be sent via:
theglob@comcast.net. Or, you can post comments in the commenting section available at the end of each post to the Glob Blog.

You can also send your own creative submissions, i.e. prose, poetry, opinions, whatever. Anything to fill this rag with print. And any of which become the property of The Global Exclaimer to be used solely for our own financial gain.

Meanwhile, I have to say I am pleased with the new equipment purchased by The Glob. It’s a much faster computer, and is running Windows 2000 professional, at the moment. The old computer hard drive died, but Erik replaced it, and so I will soon have a network of computers working tirelessly to further my ego-maniacal publication empire designs. (Actually what that really means is that Rosie and Leon will have an alternate computer to use while I am consumed with creative passion.)

We MAY attempt to continue to do a bi-monthly newsletter, and to server our readers the unique blend of reporting and retorting that you have grown to love. Or we may just do this blog thing.

I'm still not sure if Web Logs are the way to go for the newspaper. There are things I think I can do which I haven't figured out yet, like bundle all this into one edition, so as to maybe have the front page of this blog have an article or two then links to the editions. Maybe they have to be separate blogs or something. Dunno yet. But, the Glob is not dead, perhaps metamorphed, and we shall continue the struggle for whatever, blah blah.

I'm also trying to figure out how there can be a letters to the editor section or something for people to post questions to the Spiritual Advocate and etc. Until next time. Ψ

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